Mahjong Soul is anime-themed Japanese mahjong game available on browser and mobile, the mobile version will be announced later this year.

MahjongSoul. So the premium aspect of this game is a big minus.



Collab Sign-in Event. The game has some resemblance to Janryumon, in terms of graphics. Exquisite painting, luxurious seiyuu, immersive mahjong competition.


1 day ago · Dear Jyanshi Sama, The Twitter login on Mahjong Soul's browser version has been fixed. ※本遊戲內容以「酒」作為提升好感度的道具,涉及引誘、鼓勵使用酒類之情節。. Read.

Granted, starting in Silver Room you can get free items playing, but even these did double the amount of items you get, it's still too slow. .

④ Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Mahjong Soul.


The mobile version is also actively being worked on and will be fixed shortly. First Purchase Reset.

3. A blend of cute, appealing anime girls with multiplayer online Japanese Mahjong.

Mahjong Soul ( Chinese: 雀魂麻将; pinyin: Què Hún Májiàng, Japanese: 雀魂, romanized : Jantama) is a browser-based online free-to-play tabletop game about riichi mahjong created by Cat Food Studio and Yostar.
Play with the friends from all over the world in one room easily.

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They are often traveling for work and leave a maid to take care of Chiori most of the time. ※本遊戲內容以「酒」作為提升好感度的道具,涉及引誘、鼓勵使用酒類之情節。. The 4.

Copper - Basic currency, used to enter games. . What do you spend copper on? What is the best option. Some places say to never by spheres while some say to only use copper on spheres? From where I am standing it makes sense to spend copper on gifts to then use dust on. Jul 14, 2020 · Play with the friends from all over the world in one room easily. .


Quests. .

New quests.


New quests unlock every 24 hours, and you can re-roll a quest once a day if you'd like to try a different one.

CODE GEASS X Mahjong Soul Collab.

This Wiki contains information about the online game Mahjong Soul, a game featuring anime characters playing classical Japanese Mahjong created by Yostar.